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Super Users

We love building and evolving our websites – and live, eat and breath to make a reading and shopping experience that is perfect for all visitors, friends and family.

If you’re just as passionate about finding the best websites, recommending to your friends and family, and giving feedback to help your favourite websites keep improving for features and content – then we really appreciate your insight as a Super User.

Send us your thoughts, experiences and recommendations – and we promise we will share every improvement suggestion ticket with the relevant team to focus developing all the things you want to see, and finding the solutions that make your faith in supporting us more enjoyable.

Your Super User feedback, really is the most valuable contribution we can hope – it helps us working with our toughest critics and most understanding fans, to make something greater than any one of us.

So, thank you so much for your interest in our team and work – and we look forward to making it the best possible platform we can with you!

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