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Managed ecommerce

The Brandlight platform has been built on 20 years ecommerce development experience by a large team of designers, developers and support staff continually using, testing and providing important feedback to keep improving.

Brandlight is a multi-million transaction-hardened system designed and built by those servicing international customers around the world since the beginning of ecommerce.

50/50 ecommerce partners

We seek and promote 50/50 partnerships in every area possible within the Brandlight organisation – and this is our offer to you:

Everything you see, is available for you to both offer to your clients, and join our design, development, copywriting and marketing teams in Discord & GitLab and contribute and evolve.

For our 50% of the revenue share, we will provide and maintain the Brandlight platform, hosting, monitoring, security, development, optimisation, connectivity and features.

For your 50% you will introduce, onboard and manage your client for their setup, content, training, design, content, integrations and 3rd party platforms.

We believe this forms a fair and profitable work-share arrangement, whereby your client receives the best from us all, and a much larger team then either of us could offer individually.

No conflicts of interest

We have a select group of direct clients of our own, that we look after since they enabled of our creation of this platform for them – but we cannot service the entire world, and respect your client confidentiality and relationship where we can support them directly or indirectly as you prefer but we will never approach them for work or services other than through our partnership with your good selves.

One question that can arise, is how competing brands might feel about using the same platform. We actually see this as a good thing – because we do all we can to reduce and remove platform design and maintenance costs for all brands when so many all need the same things but create inefficiencies in their organisation by trying to re-invent or gain an edge from owning something that really isn’t their core business.

The best protection for brands investment in themselves is in focusing on their identity, relationships and reviews.

The best products and services also come from the maximum focus too – so competitors having the same platform is just so much common nowadays anyway – but this should help remove distraction and direct focus on their brand positioning and proposition.

Ultimately, there are infinite customer-types and needs and ways to differentiate through a focus on the customer – so, we believe that there are no conflicts of interest with any client being in a similar sector – and that everyone benefits from healthy competition where the competing teams are encouraged to focus on learning from their customers and competition to keep innovating and providing the best possible service as a team.

And customers win too by being able to choose and support one or multiple brands in their endeavours through a trusted relationship and respectful support for the brand and its team’s aims.

Everything we do is to improve communications between brands and customers

So, please let us know a little about yourselves, your clients and your needs in complete confidence. Review our own client sites, and let’s talk about what we can do together to make all of our work more enjoyable.

We are a feedback driven team, and value greatly your professional and expert eye on everything we do – so constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome, we all learn and improve everything faster as a team – and we probably share many of the same challenges to solve, so the more the merrier!

The Brandlight development community

You are also welcomed to be as involved in the Brandlight platform development as you wish, you simple need to agree to and abide by our user and developer terms for the respect of the whole team and various creators and licence owners we work with.

For those wishing to contribute to the platform evolution, we will invite you to work with us in the relevant GitLab projects and repositories, introduce you to the existing team, and grow an open-source community platform together that can give every business, organisation or group the best possible tools and presentation to democratise systems like that had previously been guarded from general availability by a few big corporations with unnecessary monopoly ambitions.

We think it is time to give every brand the international ecommerce enterprise capabilities that worldwide customers can then enjoy – and we hope you can share in this vision too.

Sound good? Lets talk…

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