International Franchising

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International Franchising

Your brand has value in other countries

Whether you know it or not, your brand is travelling – further than ever before through search engines, marketplaces and social media.

Your global sales are all a part of your brand value, and your international resellers are often earning the full brand margin, with or without your knowing, approval, traceability or quality-control oversight.

Marketplaces and unofficial resellers profit from you not knowing your full brand value – they do this by analysing and intercepting local searches for your brand and product names where there is existing demand in searches. They then copy your product images and details, and bid for search traffic using your brand name to sell your product for a markup or commission but remove your direct customer relationship connection and oversight, so they can keep doing this.

When you multiply out your known export units by your average international sales price you can see online – then you can calculate your full brand value around the world – which will still only be a fraction of its full potential but if you have no relationship with a customer’s region, you have no direct way to improve it.

If you have no quality control over your presentation around the world, or return on the brand value that you are creating beyond the same wholesale prices that you are offering domestically from official partnerships dedicated to your brand – then you are losing brand value, margins to re-invest, and the loyalty that comes from building a complete relationship with your customers for communications and education.

Resellers can change the direction for customers on their platforms at any time, or even disappear without notice as their market loses stability in the worst-case of a Hunger Games environment, and your brand value races to the bottom among many competing multi-brand sellers.

This undermines any budget being left for genuine local marketing – and you may have many unofficial brand websites and businesses, selling with a less than desirable appearance from the standards you have control over at home for your brand experience and valuable trademark.

Official franchise partners

What Brandlight does, is give you a system for creating and building up your official dedicated local-franchise partners in every country around the world – with all the latest information on your products, services, articles and resources – and sharing in the rewards that you work hard create through your investment in your brand.

You can then choose to service marketplaces directly, or work with your official brand partners to manage the local marketplaces with official authorised status and consistency to supplement their resources to re-invest in promoting your brand across all channels in the region.

This official status, platform and your brand resources have value to your entrepreneurial international resellers – for which we recommend you should be charging a small local franchise fee for the support that you can offer them with your valuable brand assets commensurate with the size of their now certified and official territory.

They can then be free and secure to invest in localising your packaging, marketing and customer experience, with an investable long-term relationship environment, and support for a consistently high-quality worldwide customer experience – exactly as any retail outlet franchisee would need and expect – and they can even then invest in opening dedicated outlets for you with a full, consistent online and in-person service.

Perfectly balanced 50/50 relationships

The Brandlight platform is designed to enable partnerships in every country. So we offer the same 50/50 partnership relationship to brand owners as we do agencies.

What this means, is your subscription to the Blandlight platform is paid by yourselves initially, so we can launch the perfect international ecommerce platform for your brand.

Then, you showcase this to your preferred international resellers, choosing one per country to subscribe and pay the licence fee for their assigned territory.

50% of each country licence subscription goes into supporting the ongoing hosting, maintenance, evolution and support of the Brandlight platform.

50% is returned to yourselves for your own in-house reinvestment in brand development and international relations, or provide to your creative agency to help fund their management of your content for all market needs.

Your partners win, you win…

Everyone wins

The clue is in our name, Brandlight – we need ethical and successful brands to work with, that’s our bread and butter – and the large team of dedicated experts we retain for you around the clock and around the world, needs to put food on the table.

You need to solve complex international ecommerce needs, and technology designed specifically for this is now available to you with our purpose-built and managed full-service ecommerce platform.

Your international partners need to looks as great as you do at home in their own language and culture – you can make this super easy for them – and secure their commitment to their franchisee status with their subscription returning investment back to yourselves to keep evolving your brand for a growing customer base around the world.

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t design systems to be profitable by adding efficiency to your business – so, we hope you can enjoy this vision too

Let’s talk…

If you like what your reading, let us know your feedback and questions – get in touch – and let’s see what happens…

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