International Franchising

We invest in the growth of ethical brand exports to new markets…

Our speciality is delivering high-speed, mobile, international ecommerce services. The satisfaction from solving these challenges has driven us to create the Brandlight platform.

When you work with the Brandlight platform and team, you are choosing a proven multi-million transaction platform, and the expert team that builds these solutions.

Speed and accuracy are essential for efficient, compliant and sustainable exports growth – and we love creating the technology to solve these things…

Full-Service Ecommerce

You create great products and content, we’ll do the rest…

We’ve been managing our ecommerce businesses for 20 years and truly seen it all.

Our team is your team – determined, competitive and experienced.

Brandlight is your international team for web design, development, marketing, compliance, logistics, accounting and customer services…


Our Connections

Brandlight stands on the shoulders of giants, working with platforms we trust to innovate and pursue efficiency by design…


Your International Ecommerce Team

We’ve been evolving open-source technologies, and sharing our experience with the world for over 20 years.

Your expert team is now over 100 great people, experienced in everything you need online…


Brandlight Platform

Design & Development


First impressions happen in seconds, and are reviewed publicly for our capabilities.


Your Brandlight design and development teams work full-time on evolving the Brandlight platform – to present us all in the best possible light.


Brandlight Promotion

Marketing & Compliance


Everything we say online has a global audience, and can be copied & quoted at any time.


We must be mindful of the expectations of anyone – at any time, anywhere – reviewing our work for authenticity and capability.


Brandlight Operations

Analysis, Logistics & Customer Services


Just because something can be done, it doesn’t mean it should.


Brandlight analyse, develop and automate systems – for compliant and cost-efficient decisions in routing your valuable goods & services around the world through our trusted partner-network.


Brandlight Trust

Accounting & Security


The volume of transactions, value of goods, and highly-optimised margins Brandlight manages, means you have complete and audited records for all movements, communications and documentation.


Your digital trustee relationship, includes full transparency and vetted-personnel identification.

Who is Brandlight?

Creativity, talent and ambition have no borders in a connected world…


The team that you’ll get to know and work with, grew though professional friendships, talented peers, and open-source collaborations.

Your Brandlight team speaks 14 languages and lives in 16 different counties, and works worldwide through all timezones.

Where is Brandlight based?

Our international office is online, our identity is our published work, and our results are monitored by our esteemed brand partners, with measurable analytic results.

Our head-office is in the beautiful island of Jersey, you can meet with us there or around the world at industry trade shows, and online through the wonders of technology.

How does Brandlight work?

Everyone that works on the Brandlight platform becomes a shareholder – invested in promoting your successes – and selective in working for brands with similar ethical investment goals.

We’ve worked this way for 20 years, and welcome working with you on the future of digital services.

Enterprise Features for Everyone

The platform we needed, to solve everything the world wants, just didn’t exist

so we created it…

The platform we always dreamed of had to be everything for everyone: fast, secure scaleable, affordable, multilingual, multi-currency, multi-location, multi-channel, multi-purpose, multi-device, and a framework we can trust to evolve.

Visitors, customers, staff and partners all want a platform they enjoy using because it respects their time and consolidates all information needs through one system.

So we built Brandlight based on proven open-source systems, and the latest hosting technologies, to be fast, secure and scaleable – without artificial limitations for users or features.

Everything we offer, everything you see here, is the platform we all use ourselves, every day. It really has taken us tens of millions in ecommerce experience so far – and we never stop evolving.

All features are included in all packages with no tiers or restrictions on capabilities – everyone wins.

So, let’s go international together – and share all your great ideas with the world



In the age of partnerships, we choose to work with those that share our ethics and ambitions.

All our wonderful brand clients have helped to create something greater than all of us…


We are paid only on delivery and results – proud of our proven track-record for managing thousands of products, and millions in brand value.

Your customer reviews are our performance reviews too – they employ all of us, every day, with the choices they make and feedback they share…

What do you think of the logo?

It’s bold,

I tweaked the letters a bit,

there’s some emphasis on the “a” and “i” because we really do programme artificial intelligence,

there’s bulbs for ideas,

colours for variety,

a hub and spoke network,

and a target or two in there.

Marcus Quinn / Brandlight logo creator

Looks like Google

I can’t figure out if the logo / icon looks like a fan / propellor or four bulbs?

[MQ: Sure, if you can see that too, like a turbine for brand’s take-off then. It’s abstract.]

OK, so we sell propellors now?

Silence, goes back to coding…

[Genuine quotes!]

Andy Mungham / I have to work with you

I thought it was a propeller too

Are we doing this for free?

[MQ: Look, the important part is it’s memorable.]

[AM:Can we add the screw thread to the bottom of the bulbs?]

[SM: I can see a fried egg in the “a”]

Everyone goes back to coding…

[Note to self; ask someone else for testimonials]

Johnathan Revell / Automating tea-making