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As you can probably guess, advertising and online marketing costs money – which is understandable – but also increases costs through both the growth of the internet and competition.

Nowadays, the focus of a lot of people’s time for regular online interactions is with just a few platforms, poplar sites and apps, for search and social interaction.

That marketing has to be budgeted into the price of products and services, as part of the overall cost to find new customers and grow the range and value we can offer everyone.

Although we do aim to minimise costs for discretionary marketing services to enable a higher budget for investment in the quality of goods, and a comprehensive personal service.

Passing on cost-savings

The best form of advertising is, of course, from word of mouth — or word of mouse 🙂

So, we offer yourself and everyone the ability to use our Refer a Friend discount codes, to enable you to receive the marketing cost-savings directly, for yourself and your friends.

Open to new and existing customers

Even if you missed out on it when you first ordered, it will still work when you refer a friend and they return you their referral link – this is to be fair to our loyal customers as much as the new friends you introduce us to.

We want to impress you every time with a great website, great value products, and a personal service – and for you to be happy enough to recommend us.

If you like what we do, then we hope to win your trust and appreciation for being confident enough to recommend us, with a bonus for both of you in respect of our aims to be the kind of website people find ethical and caring in every way possible.

How to refer a friend

Just login or register, and you will find your unique sharing link and personal template messages in: My Account > Refer a Friend.

All feedback is really important to us

We hope you like our caring and sharing ambitions, and as-always, please let us know your comments and feedback below or privately by contacting us.

As many people might say; if there’s an issue, tell us and we’ll do our very best to fix it – and if you like everything and want to help us too, please do tell your friends 😉

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