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Of course, there’s no such things as free of cost, therefore *free shipping* is simply a way of presenting total prices per item and order in a way that you can see the overall cost per item more easily, including the cost of manufacture, international transport, duties, taxes, storage, pick, pack, packaging, dispatch and delivery per unit quantity – which all adds up to the global price you see and the price you pay for easier total costs comparison.

With all the technology in the world though, it is still not possible to incorporate every possible ordering permutation into each item price this way, so it has to be based on majority averages and the lowest common denominator – but that will then both mean higher headline all-inclusive prices are seen first, and include an element of rounding that you won’t see and can’t offer all the same cost-saving transparency benefits of *Plus Shipping* pricing.

You can read more in the full article on how we calculate Pricing.

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