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Our speciality is in sourcing high-quality and ethical brands from around the world and also delivering them around the world – so there’s a lot of costs to calculate and bear in mind.

Duties & Taxes

Generally, the overall highest percentage cost in any supply-chain from manufacture to consumer is government taxes.

Taxes are good, because they are the commission we all pay our governments, so that they can reliably provide all the shared services like education, health and security that we all agree are best paid for collectively and delivered without the overheads of sales, marketing and payment processing.

However, the *way* you order goods and the route they take can have a large effect on the overall percentage of duties and taxes, so again, we use technology to calculate all those costs and permutations to offer you the most cost-efficient ordering options.

Of course, we still proudly pay all the correct taxes accurately, lawfully and dutifully – although, we also reduce the costs of tax collection with consolidated freight and electronic processing of taxes owed according to the route to keep the costs of tax collection as low as possible, and therefore benefit governments and yourself with lower overall costs in the movement and tracking of goods and service.

Manufacture, Research and Development

After that the cost of the actual product from the Manufacturer, and the cost of all shipping from them to you, and reinvesting in innovation to keep brining you the best quality, value and latest creations.


After that, is the cost of marketing, which nowadays is mostly the website and data-feeds into other websites – although the absolute best marketing for all of us is your happiness and referral!

Customer Services

Last of all is the cost of us, here and working for you, which is the lowest overall percentage of the price, and as our volumes rise and our fixed-costs are static, we can then pass on all cost-savings directly back to you through lower shipping costs, volume discounts and referral commissions where we can also save on marketing costs.

After many years of studying and listening to feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of each method of calculating prices, we concluded that the best way to present prices is however you would like to see them, and give you the choice to see and compare *both* methods of calculation to find the best overall value for your order size and variety needs.

You can read more in the full article on how we calculate Pricing.

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