SEO is dead – so don’t waste your time and money

there's just no sustainable way to game the system but you can win when you focus on your content

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SEO is dead – so don’t waste your time and money

You don’t need an SEO expert either

Disclaimer: I am NOT a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert – I do NOT sell search engine optimisation services.

I am also not daft enough to think that writing SEO many times in an article is going to get me a Google or any other search engine ranking for using these words.

I say this because these ideas are simply outdated and no longer work.

Can search engines think?

Search engines now have ways to assess credibility and capability from the context of your writing, your connections, and your intentions. They even know if I am happy, sad, angry or lazy when they read this – which is spooky.

However, search engine’s authentication capabilities are just an extension of our human ability to do the same but now through a search engine algorithm programmer that managed to code how to read and decipher this faster and en-mass.

Do search engines have artificial intelligence?

There just is no artificial *intelligence* (A.I.) – none that has any kind of human conscience to be concerned about – the artificial part is just the following of instructions from real humans and their conscience or objectives.

A.I. doesn’t and cannot exist because the pinnacle of creating intelligence as we know simply results in creating another human or biological being – which all of our parents all already know how to do, and most of us will too with the chemistry, biology and electricity already within us.

There is only real human intelligence being relayed and processed as fast as a couple of computer processors and an internet connection can move some electrons – which is almost lightspeed, so very fast – but it is just faster to do at a distance and cheaper to do for more than one person at a time with an internet or phone connection.

However, this in no way can compete with the processing power of two humans communicating directly – and I don’t believe ever will.

How does a search engine algorithm work?

You don’t need to understand what an algorithm wants to see because they only want to see what the users of their search engine wants to see and find it for them faster – which means, you only have to make good educated content for your audience’s interests and just focus on making it interesting, readable and overall useful with links and references to citations, evidence and further information.

And put your name to it! As the author, you should include your name, title, biographical summary and links to your online profiles for the well-known platforms that generally go to great lengths to work for you only if you are real.

Get this right, and it becomes relatively easy to analyse your success through review counts and ratings, comments, feedback, web page bounce-rates, reading times and scrolling distance down the page. Do this and the search engines will find you – because they find what it is described to them by the search query and clicks, and it is their job is to – everything what their users wants, and nothing their users don’t.

Search engine shopping optimisation

If you are selling something, anything, on your website – that’s going to make it harder already because you instantly have a higher standard to meet for the quality, security, transparency and integrity of your website through profile links, on-site and external reviews.

But, this is no way different to if you were selling something face-to-face. No-one is going to buy off you if they don’t trust you or were not recommended by someone they trusted. You cannot lawfully sell to anyone with force, trickery, lies or any other underhand methods. So now, the search engines are policing and enforcing these rules, laws, standards and moral expectations too – because what is good for you is good for them and what is not good for you or proven, does not deserve to be shown in search results.

This is generally good for us as customers, consumers of content and readers when it gets it right and finds 10 of the best results for page one on results – but not so good that snake-oil elixir that someone unknown for their life-giving science once said will make you live for a thousand years, because just isn’t relevant in the eyes of the computer code that is looking for qualified references to such bold claims.

Product and advice claims rules and compliance

The bolder the claim – the higher the content, qualifications and references standards – so, let’s forget about repeating keywords everywhere, which is a database designers job to decide when to repeat and when not to anyway, and focus on being able to connect what we say to the recognised authorities on the subject; the published and accredited authors, the verified customers, and the licenced manufacturers.

The Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) search engine update

If you sell something that carries any risk whatsoever to your health or your finances – search engines now have an even higher standard to meet for trust – because all search engines work for their users first, their customers – that pay them by clicking on results – and not those who create websites. So, the higher the risk or misdirection or harm, the greater the checks and references expectations there will now be before your pages will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

As a publisher and seller, you now work for both your customers and the search engines that they use first to guide and protect them – so you had better be focused on being factual, accurate, talking about only those things you are qualified or experienced enough to, and put your reader’s and customer’s needs first – because the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of search engines nowadays will know.

This actually means that you should be removing old, outdated or unsubstantial content from your website first – because it will just be doing you more harm that good – and you don’t need a new website to do that – and a new website won’t help if you are just copying it all into the newest wizzy responsive, mobile and multilingual platform anyway – because, guess what, they know all the languages too, and the rules apply to all of them.

So, what we focus on, is not the quantity of content or keywords or links or whatever might have worked before – instead, we spend all our time on fact-checking, error-checking, data-structure – and just making sure we remove all the things that the Webmaster Tools doesn’t want or throws errors on because they are inefficient, incomplete, duplicate, dynamic per-user or simply irrelevant – which leaves us with just what is needed and nothing that is not.

What we is not search engine optimisation – it’s a courtesy from one machine and system designer to another – and there’s manuals and guides on how to do it, so it’s not even a mystery – just a lot of reading, thinking and mutual respect between designers, developers and their now connected systems.

This for most people that haven’t grown up with it is time and cost – so, we also do this in a way that we can use the power of computers and storage to replicate and scale again and again – because it is already hard enough for us to do and keep up with all the expectations.

It would be rude not to develop our international ecommerce websites in a way that we can share with more creators and developers of different things to us – which is why this site and article even exists – and why we have and do.

It may be a bold claim – but you can just as easily find a relatively dated or imperfectly coded website through Google, Bing or whoever if the content is relevant to your search. If fact, so many of them already know so much about what you have looked for and seen before online, where you go, who you know, that the personalisation of your search experience has a far greater influence now that you may realise.

So if you can rank for search results with almost any old site – why even bother with spending time and money on a new one?

And, my short answer is don’t – it’s not really your problem (unless you are a website designer and developer obsessive) – this is what those that specialise and offer services in creating, launching and managing websites.

The first point of call most brands then look to for coverage or growth is the behemoth marketplaces – because they seem to rank already, so they must know something – but the same rules applies to them too, only that the actual website structure will have less errors or issues, so you’re just addressing half of the problem there – and your customers are then paying significantly in commissions for the convenience and feedback reviews trust they offer to you and them.

What we do is create a structured website software platform for storing and updating high-quality and organised data – which can be improved as it is added – but there’s nothing to stop you improving your search engine results, sales, readership, audience and reach with what you have first.

Please do read all you can find on our site – make sure you are eliminating old habits and inconsistencies – focus on your product, message and published knowledge – and let us know when the time is right, and we can take a look at what you have, let you know what else we think you can do – and when it will be the best time to then build upon that with a platform designed to scale and replicate that content faster, to a wider audience, with all the correctly structured integrations and workflows for maintaining your content and creations time-efficiently.

We don’t chase profits, or focus on money – we value time, efficiency, integrity and commitment – which in-turn will be naturally profitable if we have all recognised a need, solved a problem, and offered a service that has demand, is affordable, and deserves any attention.

With this thoughts, we humbly focus on the continual development of our platform, while you focus on your own product and service development – so that if or when you are ready to work with, the time will be right for you and we will together be able to offer more to our shared audience than we could without a symbiotic relationship.

Please do be the judge of all this for yourself first, and you can at any time show us your support through comments, feedbacks, reviews and questions to be a part of our guiding light.

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