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We use the term package to mean a packet or box containing your ordered products.

One order can contain many shipments.

Each shipment can contain many packages.

One package will either be one packet or one box.

Following the vast amount of feedback over the years in experience with serving mail-order customers, the vast majority of people prefer smaller packet packages where possible because of the many benefits over larger boxes:

  • small packets are lighter and take up less space and use less filler materials
  • smaller packages are more likely to fit through a letter box and save a trip to a collection depot or waiting for redelivery
  • multiple smaller packets can be dispatched faster from multiple locations than large consolidated boxes
  • shipping is charge by weight and volume, so it often costs more to send larger consolidated boxes
  • smaller packages can go through more automated sorting and routing systems on conveyor-belts
  • small packages fit in the international standard post sacks for standardised processing as fast as letters
  • the reusable packaging is more suitable for partial returns with lower materials usage, space and costs
  • your local delivery agent can self-sign for small packages put through your letterbox to save you needing to be home to receive delivery

Of course, this might not all be apparent, and we do still get some questions from people asking why we don’t dispatch everything in one large box, and we hope this helps to answer why the overall most efficient method of delivery today and for the foreseeable future, while letter boxes are still the most common place of delivery – but if that changes, we will of course change too.

We are always evolving delivery options to give you as much control over your choices between speed, cost and other preferences, so please do just click on the feedback smiley smiley in the top-left of any page or Feedback link in the mobile menu to let us know your throughs, questions and suggestions.

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