Website Performance & Optimisation Integrations

Having the right data structure is essential for broadcasting your offers and information to the many platforms people are using for their online research, and then analysing their responses

Website Performance & Optimisation Integrations

The Brandlight platform comes with a number of integrations to help optimise your website’s performance and user experience:

These platforms should provide all the data you need to monitor and understand your brand development needs and priorities.

Your focus should be on measuring and understanding returns on investment, so that you can do more of what does work for your targets and reduce what doesn’t.

This is pretty-much all we use for our own marketing, platform and communications optimisation, and should be the primary source of information and reporting for the needs of all content managers, product developers and stakeholders.

We’ll set all this up for you and share the access with your nominated team members using the provided email addresses that need to have access to each or all of the above, and be available via live-chat to answer any questions.

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