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Lets make the web work for everyone again!

The Brandlight Foundation is a UK registered not-for-profit organisation (Companies House registration: 13087853), dedicated to investment in open-source software, open-data standards, digital security and personal privacy protection through freedom of choice in online software and services.

Our work to-date has been funded through our online work, that we now offer and share with our Brandlight online marketplace for web apps & digital services.

We’re looking for like-minds to join and support us in solving all our shared online challenges, with a mission to..

  • Find, test, develop and present the best open-source software alternatives to costly, proprietary software that locks your data into their platforms and terms.
  • Introduce great designers, developers, copywriters, administrators and educators to great brands and new international audiences.
  • Design, develop and share as open-source all the systems, documentation and research we’ve created with over 20 years experience online.
  • Enable brands, organisations and people to reclaim ownership of their digital work, data assets and cost control.
  • Offer digital services as easily as online shopping, for clients and providers — without hidden prices, hiking-prices, or pushing premium services and lock-ins that none of us wants or needs.
  • Promote cost-prezzi that’s significantly lower than closed-source alternatives.
  • Guide towards privacy, security and efficiency in software and digital services.
  • Calculate rates respectful to sustainable investment and training for your good team, freelancers and agencies.
  • Give you the best research for your online digital services options in every way.
  • Share and promote without prejudice for where you are from or what you can afford – everything we offer can be freely followed, learnt from and copied.
  • Educate the next generations of digital service providers and clients on the advantages of open-source development, open standards, and digital literacy education for all.
  • Make the web faster, safer and happier for everyone involved – without conflict of interest, selling data or using data in advertising platforms that increase the costs of being connected for everyone.
  • Choose privacy, choose security, choose transparency, choose open-source. Everything we do, we do it for all of you!

There’s many apps for many things, and it takes many eyes and hands to bring people the best solutions in each area.

Sound good? Want to see what we can do with your help?

If you don’t need something from our App e servizi right now, or want to see how far we can evolve these things for everyone.

If your brand, organisation or good-self would like to support our research, development, education and sharing even more here.

You can sponsor and invest directly in the Brandlight Foundation’s work, to help make digital freedom a priority for all.

All funds go to growing the availability of open-source software & services, sponsoring partner open-source developments, and bringing you more of the great things you already see here.

Invest in Brandlight for the future of your digital world…

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Sponsorizza Open Source
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