Can you help me with Google, Microsoft or Amazon Services?

We don’t resell Google, Microsoft & Amazon solutions. They tend to have dedicated resellers limited to their more costly and proprietary closed-source ecosystems, typically designed to lock you into their brand and up-sell prezzi per user and feature.

Our focus is on clients that wish to own their cloud software and data closest to their teams and with confidence in security of their data and portability between all hosts.

As proud promoter of open-source freedoms, efficiency, privacy and security, we use and recommend the best and, in our experience, more efficient solutions for your ownership and assurance of continuity.

All our solutions are priced for unlimited users at no additional charge, since you’re only paying for the hosting resources and maintenance time you actually use.

Every app is full-featured, with no artificial limitations on usage or extension.

We can help you migrate away from any other service though, if you choose our faster, privacy-focused and GDPR-compliant alternatives.

Generally we can provide equivalent solutions for a 50%-80% lower cost, so please share any quoting or invoices you have, by clicking the money icon in the top-right on any page, and we’ll return a quote for prezzo-comparison.

Please take a look at these tried & tested enterprise applications in comparison:

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