Posso investire in Brandlight?


Our investors are our clients and our partner service providers.

Brandlight isn’t a company, it’s an open-source organisation platform, for networking and connecting clients to service providers — also known as a collective or cooperative, with the low-overhead efficiencies of these direct professional connections to match.

So, whichever you are, client or provider, working with us is investing in us.

If you are a brand, business or organisation with digital applications, hosting or support needs, we’d love you to invest by bringing your needs to us to solve, and save you time & money.

Generally, we are 50-80% lower cost than the equivalent Microsoft, Google or Amazon alternatives, and even lower cost at scale. So, investing your faith in our services, is equally an investment in your own cost-efficiency, with ethical digital services for your team and customers.

If you design, develop or manage digital services, use the Brandlight platform to offer your apps and services. We only charge the industry standard 10% commission on transactions, which covers the costs of payment-processing, administration and marketing your excellence, and if we can reduce those fees, we will.

You already invested a little time in reading this far, so thank you. Please spread the word and follow us on Twitter.

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