Kupanga nsanja yapadziko lonse yosafunikira yogulitsa

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Kupanga nsanja yapadziko lonse yosafunikira yogulitsa

We appreciate and understand the need for sales representatives, commissions and targets in many organisations – but we just don’t need or want to do that – and you probably don’t either – so we actively aim to create an ecommerce platform that, of course is explained and documented – but just doesn’t need selling.

Life’s short enough as it is, and technology often promises speed or time-saving, sometimes without any actual evidence that it does other than just saying it does – which is kind-of naughty, but unfortunately still common in the industry as there’s an echo-chamber of marketing-speak, buzzwords and of unquantifiable feature tick-lists.

As a very new platform, using lots of new technology toys, we are addressing all the demands we have had from our many years experience as ecommerce platform clients and developers ourselves – most of which revolve around time-efficiency, deduplication of effort and reusable data structures – so we do practise and use what we offer to share, and our experience of so many people and groups having the same needs, we just have far more demand for what we can do to be able to solve the whole world’s managed-service needs in the next 10 minutes.

Although our ultimate aim, target and active development is in making our platform completely self-service for subscribing – just as you’d expect for any high-volume and capable software-as-a-service provider – while we complete that development too, our choice of clients is from our existing network that shares the same needs, and works with us to solve all their needs first, which are generally common to all brands anyway, so it should be developing the things you’d be finding you need too anyway.

Right now, we are an invitation-only or waiting-list based ecommerce platform service provider – to make sure that we do a great job for every brand we currently have supporting our work, with their trust in us for their brand’s international ecommerce website needs – and its up to you to let us know if you want what we’ve got, now or later by simply popping us an email or message.

But we have a philosophy of patience, perseverance, and focusing on solving needs and features first – with a view that because so much of what we do is unique, until we can see all other ecommerce and website platforms doing and offering a comparable feature-set for international needs, we are focused on quality over quantity, working for you when you know what you need, see what you like, and are ready to focus on getting all that done.

Even designers, developers and content creators need to have a remuneration-model of some kind – so we can eat and buy the latest gadgets for the kids in between super-human platform-building hours.

However, we have specifically designed our business-model to give us a mutual interest in cost-efficiency, through a payment on performance cost structure – this is designed to minimise the risks and investment needs for our brand partners and ourselves.

So, we won’t ask for your phone number or contact details to see demos, and we won’t be cold-calling you to lead you down a demonstration to sales path – and we won’t even remind you that you might want to kuwunika our platform later when you’re ready – because if we do any of those things, we take our focus and resources away from the platform development itself – otherwise we would be removing the valuable test of success for us, in your being able to find all that you need to sankhani on what further time you give us, right here in our own website or by asking when you are good and ready.

The true test for us, of a partnership that will be mutually desirable, is to do the opposite of selling – and that is (ut-hum) – specifically not selling, well, with the traditional sales-people persuasion roles, calling, emailing and messaging you.

We are simply here, with an public open-source policy for our knowledge and platform documentation – leaving it up to you to sankhani how much you want to read, ask or know before you click back, look at yet another platform, or let us know if you need to know more.

And, as software researchers ourselves – we know how annoying it can be to have to get through or circumnavigate sales pitches to get information or demonstrations, when you just want to know what you want to know and make up your own mind as you go – so we’re just not going to do that – your’s and our time is just to important to waste on sales-pitch dances and the theatre of looking busy by talking lots.

There is simply no-one on our team that is motivated by adding new clients for the sake of any target – sorry, but at least if you do need to do that, which is fine and normal for most enterprises, we’re saving your time for your own quality content creation for your audience relationships.

Our only target is to make every existing client so happy and successful with their brand’s international ecommerce platform, to the point that we just hear less and less from them for platform needs as it serves them, and return focus back to content, product development and customer relationships – and then, and only then, we will naturally have free time to play with to do it all again for the next brand that is ready for our experience.

100% ikabweza ndalama

Yup, we know all the business-speak too – and wow, have we heard a lot of it over the years! But – we just don’t sell ourselves in that way, so we don’t need to try and use it to impress you with buzzwords and pseudo-confident hyperbole to sell our souls in a pitch.

We only use any of this kind of verbiage to challenge ourselves out of having any rhetoric or meaningless business-speak in our offering, minimise all the “…ly” words, and favour facts, evidence, measurements, benchmarks and (we have to use this one), key performance indicators (KPIs).

Since we are ambitious and determined for the quality of our work and platform first, we do currently have a 100% reinvestment policy for all income to keep growing our team and capabilities – to service more needs, with more time to really make sure our solutions have the time available that they deserve for perfecting.

Everything you spend, will be supporting the people you will work with directly or receive their work indirectly – and we believe, as a shared costs with many other successful brands, give you value far beyond that you could through in-house development of the things we already have done and ready for you.

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