What am I paying for with managed apps?

Your server subscription and data is your property, we simply setup, maintain and protect it on your behalf, based on extensive experience of systems administration.

Certainly, you can research and do these things yourself too — but there is a learning curve and it’s probably not your core business.

Outsourcing your remote digital services management frees your focus for your core business, with a much larger team of experts available to you 24/7/366 to monitor and support your apps and hosting.

We just used our ecommerce experience to turn IT into a Prime shopping service as easy as buying anything, as it should be.

Go enjoy your time-off and the work you enjoy, while we monitor, maintain and update your app cloud.

Think of us as your 5-star IT hotel, where the linen is always fresh, the towels always fluffy and room-service always a call away 🙂



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