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  • How can I trust an outsourced freelancer or consultant?

    All our freelance consultants have their identity and address verified independently by Yoti, so you can be sure who you are working with and their personal accountability for your data-security.

    We personally interview and مراجعة the experience and portfolio work of all freelancers. They are either permanent full-time members of the Brandlight team or we’ve tested their services to ensure we are satisfied with their work as their client too.

    As consultants build their client-base, you will see the verified ردود الفعل they receive from brands. We’re sure you’ll be happy enough to do the same after your one-off project or 90-day trial period for apps is to your satisfaction.

    If ever you have any issues, questions or concerns, please contact-us by email or chat, we’ll assign a qualified peer for مراجعة of their work, and مراجعة your briefing to ensure expectations match.

  • ماذا لو لم يعجبني تطبيق لأي سبب من الأسباب؟

    Every self-hosted open-source app that Brandlight offers comes with a 90-day free trial, are billable monthly or annually, zero-notice cancellations to stop all future billing.

    Setups take your on-boarding expert a little time, so setup fees are non-refundable, and unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities yet for partial-refunds on any unused days from cancellation.

    We highly recommend a migration expert if you change your mind between apps — user and data-migration can be quite time-consuming and distracting from your core business.

    We’ve completed many successful migrations before, so can you out of app-limbo sooner, and with less fuss.

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