You’re not paying for the hours to get something done…

you're contributing to the setup and years of experience to do what you need in hours

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You’re not paying for the hours to get something done…

How much do you charge?

Is one of the hardest things we have to answer when putting a price on our services – with a moral compass that insists upon our offerings being good value – and finding a price we would also be happy to pay.

Our general rule of thumb has always been to cover our personal costs, with a small amount for our shared-costs as a team, and the management of services we use to deliver.

And we hate going to websites where there’s no pricing, because we expect any pricing enquiry to come with a long phone call for a full-blown sales-pitch.

So, we simply publish our pricing, provide volume-discounting where our costs also reduce, and leave you to make your own mind up when you are good and ready.

The thing about pricing services, is you never really hear back from those that might think something costs too much, as they continue looking based on their budgets, conditioning or personal ideas for what they want to pay to achieve their aims, sometime indefinitely with analysis-paralysis.

Looking for the cheapest, fastest or best is all part of what we do, this is how we all learn, master and recommend everything we do to you – from research – so just make sure you value and budget for your research time too when deciding whether to trust our professional recommendations, or repeat the research yourself.

With so much demand for ecommerce development nowadays, we are fortunate enough not to need to chase selling ourselves because our product is this website, and those linked from it – so our work is our best advert, demonstration and proposal.

We simply focus on continually evolving and launching websites for our brand and agency partners – that are ready to go and have already weighed up all the many options.

Quality, speed or price – pick two and we’ll tell you the third

Although, we look at time and money as completely interchangeable commodities, we often recommend that prioritising speed is most profitable – because the sooner something happens, the sooner we can start gathering response data and optimising returns on investment. Speed is usually most gratifying and evolvable too.

In offering our services for money – we do still have one overriding prerequisite before we will ever ask anyone for any financial support or commitment – and it is that we understand your expectations and the value you are seeking – so that we can professionally advise on what we believe you will need to achieve that, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and when you will likely see your targeted return on investment.

Results can be almost instant in purchasing online paid-advertising keywords for adverts to show for relevant search terms – or it could be a year or more in terms of targeting organic search-ranking for your content and brand.

Value and efficiency is the measurement of optimising all three; price, speed and quality – so we generally accept what the market says the rate is for what we need – for the sake of both, our time, and our mutual professional respect for our partner’s service rates and business models.

Usually, when you choose the right partners and products, they will have already designed efficiency into their model, to be passed on from economies of scale anyway – so if you like their products and services, you’ll probably find their pricing as considerate and competitive too.

We focus on creating sustainable income-generating capabilities first – because when you focus on being the fastest and most capable solutions, money naturally follows efficiency in a free market.

Can I build an ecommerce website and business for $29 a month?

Sure, if you want a $29 a month or $299 a month website – or even “free” one – it’s going to involve you doing and learning everything that platform doesn’t do to reach your goals – so don’t forget to cost the time and team necessary to turn a website into a business.

If you’re not already a web designer, developer, system administrator or all of the many other skilled professions involved – and fast – and profitable at those things – and have unlimited free time – then you’re probably better off spending as much of your time as possible on the products and services you are already more experienced and profitable in creating.

Opportunity Cost

The understanding and use opportunity-cost assessments is the single most important factor in guiding all of our decisions and priorities.

Whenever possible, we will always defer a need to those most experienced in the area we are reviewing, on the basis that their speed to results, and battle-hardened survival of any mistakes or lessons along the way, will almost always get us the result we are seeking faster than us trying to learn and do everything.

There’s no need to be busy fools, when we can be strategic in our efforts to focus on creating the connections and missing pieces of the puzzles we collaborate in solving.

We give the experts the targets, then let them solve how to reach them and what the effects of time, money or quality prioritisation will be.

So, if you have better things to do, then have a think about our comparatively brief full-service ecommerce proposition, and see what else you can make possible when you have an experienced team on your side, ready to reproduce our existing successes for your brand.

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