These pages are a collection of all the Key Performance Indicator reports we have for monitoring each are of interest and optimisation in the organisation over time.

They provide summary values over time for the various actions and data-movements than can be consolidated and presented as a number, typically a total, average or comparison value.

Typically, your areas of concern can be monitored from these pages and either bookmarked and revisited occasionally or kept open in a tab for refreshing to see the latest throughout the days you are looking for early-warning information that any area may need additional attention.

The values they present can also be set with floor and ceiling values, with alerts generated and sent to the appropriate live-chat channel, mobile messages, or emails – to save you from monitoring things robotically when computers can do that tirelessly around the clock – freeing your valuable attention for other things and people, and only notifying you when appropriate or on a schedule to keep your general awareness up-to-date for when someone without this access inevitably asks you how something is going.

If there’s something specific you need, or think can be automated and presented in this based on what you already see here, please do log a ticket in the appropriate GitLab project, or contact your account manager for access if you need.

We can either adapt existing KPI automations, or create a new ones to solve needs permanently – using the computers to do the complex calculations, so that we can focus on the actions necessary to improve each of these metrics.