Just the bullet-points


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Just the bullet-points

For those that don’t like reading long explanations – here’s our feature-list bullet-points for your wish-list satisfaction 🙂

If you like what you see, please do put us to the test – open up one of our client websites to see Brandlight in action as you review us…

Speed, Speed, Speed

  • We are obsessed with speed and are always looking to be the fastest in every single area.
  • Try our instant spelling and typo-tolerant search – and instant shop filters – faster than you can blink eh!
  • Role-based caching for logged-in user speed, and dynamic pages where common elements are cached and the live data is fetched as required.


  • High-availability geo-replicated hosting for data-centre redundancy.
  • Database and service replication for server hardware redundancy.
  • Segregated redundant data backups snapshots hourly, daily, weekly, monthly for human error protection.
  • Encryption by default
  • Self-scanning for penetration-testing.
  • Best-practice for inviting confidential security screening and reporting with respectful rewards.
  • Very long-running team membership, records and audit-trails for all user actions.


  • Automated translation using six different translation API services for near human readability first-time.
  • Local Partner translation refinement, through front-end editing
  • Stored translations, so update once and see the changes everywhere.
  • All live-text on buttons, images, banners and navigation – for live translation of every part of the website.


  • Launch as many country or regional domain aliases as you desire – all based on one centrally controlled database.
  • Brand consistency with the latest data being available on every local website immediately.


  • Separate sites for different brands and ranges if required.
  • We can update the common information and features on thousands of sites as quickly as just one.
  • Let’s make a thousand Brandlight websites – and then thousands more!


  • Automated conversion rates updates.
  • Payment in one or more currencies.
  • Automatic location detection and local currency defaults, with user preference overrides.

Multi-Payment Options

  • Paypal
  • Adyen
  • Citypay
  • Stripe
  • Bitpay for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Coinpayments.net for almost all supported crypto-currencies.
  • Direct Debit
  • Request Quote & Invoice
  • Subscription Payments
  • Others on Request


  • Dispatch from multiple warehouses.
  • Deliver to multiple countries.
  • Geo-replicated hosting for data redundancy and speed of local access.


  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile – keyboard, mouse, touch and pen – we design and test for them all.
  • Mobile speed and responsiveness is really important to us and your audience – we design everything to work for both mobile and desktop.


  • Amazon Retail (Sold by Amazon – Vendor Central).
  • Amazon Marketplace Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA – Seller Central).
  • Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant with Prime (FBM – Seller Central).
  • Ebay Stores, Buy it Now and Clearance Auctions.
  • Google Ads and Shopping.

Multiple Data-Types

  • About Us Information.
  • Agreements.
  • Applications.
  • Amazon Listings.
  • Automations.
  • Banners.
  • Channels.
  • Comments.
  • Compliance Rules.
  • Coupons.
  • Data Imports & Exports.
  • Documentation.
  • Ebay Listings.
  • Events.
  • FAQs.
  • Features.
  • Forms.
  • Galleries.
  • Google Integrations.
  • Help.
  • Home Pages.
  • Media.
  • Newsletters.
  • Payment Services.
  • Presentations.
  • Products.
  • Reports.
  • Resellers.
  • Services.
  • Shopping Lists.
  • Tasks.
  • Vacancies.
  • Users & Roles.
  • Wiki – for your very own automatically inter-linked brand knowledge-base on every relevant keyword.

Front-end editing

  • If you can use any social media platform, you can use our websites.
  • There’s no complicated admin – just login with your appropriate role assigned, and everything you are responsible for becomes editable in the front-end.

Product Localisation

  • Localised product labels for single or multiple regions.
  • High-Resolution 3D CGI rendered product imagery – to list and update products with perfect images before manufacture.

Product Presentation

  • Formatted Nutritional Facts tables with Wiki keyword connections for explanations.
  • Large High-Resolution Product Label Images.

Image Asset Management

  • Watermarking.
  • Resizing, Quality & Compression Optimisation.
  • Search Engine Naming and Metadata Optimisation.
  • Copy-protection.


  • Including or excluding sales tax.
  • Quantity-discount pricing of units for retail customers, and cases for wholesale supply.
  • Role-based pricing for Customers, Friends, Family, Dropshippers and Wholesale customers.


  • RSS feeds for wholesale customers in multiple countries and currencies, with or without shipping included.
  • Rich data-feeds to ensure the latest product and brand data is always available to all resellers, distributors, retailers and syndicators.

User management

  • Role-based permissions management – this one is really important for scaling your team and brand without scaling your administration.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) – compulsory for high-value user logins, and optionally available for everyone.


  • Compliance Rules engine – for monitoring your content to stick to the laws, rules and brand policies.

Scheduled content

  • Home landing page of banners and product widgets to present an overview of products and offers.
  • Newsletters queue and archives so that all creative work is available for review, refinement and repeating seasonally.
  • Content creation, review, approval and scheduling workflow.

Live data

  • The latest stock levels and production planning forecasts for all warehouses and variations.

Dispatch and Delivery Estimates

  • On product details pages, checkout, emails and in My Account tracking
  • Based on the country of origin and destination.
  • Taking account of timezones, public holidays and typical service level agreements for various carrier services.

Package Management and Tracking

  • Partial order dispatch and package dispatch and contents records for users to see in My Account and email notifications.
  • Automated or optional package splitting for cost and time delivery optimisation.

Sales Tax Recording and Reporting

  • per country, product classification, jurisdiction, dispatch and delivery locations.

Transactional Emails

  • Delivery Estimates included on all emails for expectation management and negative feedback protection.
  • Delivery Reports, Read Receipts.
  • Spam Filter Compliance & Detection.

Social Logins

  • Io reduce user registration and checkout frictions
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Google.
  • Amazon.
  • Paypal.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Others available on request.

Shopping Lists – Private, Shared and Public

  • Favourites.
  • Wishlist.
  • Waiting list (for out of stocks).
  • Save for Later.
  • Compare.
  • Custom Lists & List Sharing.

User Experience

  • Social sharing icons on all pages for refer-a-friend peer-to-peer promotion of the site and content.
  • Social discussion on blog article and wiki.
  • Reviews and comments on products and pages for open social engagement and confirmation.
  • Page voting on blog articles and wiki.
  • My Account information to track orders and support tickets.
  • Category navigation tree per site section.
  • Sticky table of contents navigation on all information pages.
  • Glossary for keywords and technical terms pages in the wiki – and automated linking with text highlighting and tooltips from articles, products and documentation.
  • FAQs section, embedding and connection to other items.
  • Sticky header on scroll-up for convenient navigation.
  • Vendor front-end data access for product information maintenance and sale reporting.
  • Contact form, with searchable solutions from the content being typed.
  • Wholesale application forms.
  • Onsite live-chat.
  • Agile task management, connected to any page or content.
  • Agile content management, for scaleable creation and editing workflows.
  • Page and imagery in-line annotation, for faster design and development discussion.
  • User feedback form popup with screenshot capture and submission for live user testing and feedback reports.
  • Fast page loading, form and button interaction as a modern web application, as opposed to a traditional slower page-loading website.
  • In-line instructions, tooltips and documentation to minimise the separation of knowledge from the tools.
  • Distributed standard documentation, for things that tend to be common to all organisations and website needs.
  • Imagery central management and push to cloud services for use by all spoke sites.
  • Partner and Vendor management tools for network building.

All this was also our feature wish-list when we started developing – so we hope you’ll find it should tick a lot of your wish-list boxes too.

And yes, we did build, test and are continually refining all this – it takes many smart people a lot of time and focus – but now it’s ready to help you and everyone shorten the distance between brands, customers and partners.

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